I went to see a seer recently, accompanied by a good friend. He was very good, they say.

Well, I’m one of the most skeptic people you’ll ever know. I hardly believe in prophesies because I believe that life is what you make it. Until a seer 11 years ago predicted that my marriage will fail. Had I listened to that seer, I should have avoided such pitfall.

That leads me to deciding to see this seer, Madhu. When I was in Bali, I was tempted to have my palm reading with the famous Ketut Liyer but I was short of time so I didn’t bother. Besides, I read some bad reviews about his prophesy from famous people, so I reconsidered. This guy, Madhu, however is different. He doesn’t look like a 100 year old Yoda man with no teeth. At first glance, you wouldn’t een consider him as a clairvoyant based on his looks. He is the usual 30-ish Filipino guy with a curly top on tees. No amulets and clairvoyant robes. You might even mistake him as Bruno Mars.

In general, these are his predictions and advices to me:

Be more patient. You have a very short patience. You are also a very jealous person
You always want to get what you want, hard working and independent
Your instincts are very powerful. Follow what’s on your mind.
Pray all the time. It makes things happen.
You have talents and skills. Try to focus on those. But you can’t manage your own business because you are of other people’s needs. It is your personality to complain but still you give.
Don’t look at what’s happening that is your bad in your life now. Focus on future joys and happiness.
Stop any addiction that you have now. Eg: internet, etc.
Your life is refreshing now. Time for acceptance and renewal, time for new understanding.
Be positive like before.
Take care of your health
US is your lucky country.
Good news after four days.

It’s your pregnancy year. You’re most likely to get pregnant.

Me: But I don’t have a boyfriend
Madhu: And who is this man I saw in the cards kissing you?
Me: Oh my, you are so good! (I should have kept my mouth shut, nothing escapes him, I guess)
Madhu: Just be careful about this person. Something is wrong with him. You’re going to meet him again.
Me: No way! Everything about him is wrong.

Your birth date represents unstable relations. Preferable relationship for you is LDR. You should marry a seaman,a traveler, an OFW or a pilot.
You don’t want to get hurt again. Your previous marriage is only a pity retribution and because the papers need it.
Don’t expect from a person near you because he is a bisexual.
2014 is your lucky year, 7 and 29 is your lucky day.
You’ll get married again. Lucky year to get married is at the age of 32.

You’ve been stagnant this year, try to be productive. Don’t worry, it’s the end of your bad fortune this year.
You’re a career first before love life woman.
You’ll be a millionaire.

Well, I’m not sure if I’m going to believe in Madhu’s predictions yet. What struck me the most is when he asked to pray. “Seriously, pray. It makes things happen.” It’s not that I don’t believe in prayers, I doubted the intentions behind my prayers. Some prayers are just meant to heal a broken sense of pride. A prayer to provide direction to my lost soul in attempt to find the answers. A prayer for good health, I, myself neglected to take care of. A prayer for broken dreams’ resurrection.

“Believe in the good again.” I don’t know why I need a Madhu to remind me of this in order to believe in the good again. Maybe, I’ve been cynical for a long time that I’ve become disillusioned with my own set of standards of what a good life should be. Indeed, why did I allow a past mishap to redirect my future? Had I lost so much confidence in myself already? Had I failed a lot that makes believing so damn hard? Had I been hurt this much to love again? Had I died long ago that I forgot to live again?

Dusting myself from the cobwebs of disillusionment, I’m going to believe again. To dream. To smile. To live. To love.

Thank you, Madhu for letting me see life in a rose-colored spectacles again.