The World is Too Big For Me, Mom

Mom, why is this world too big for me?

Are my dreams just too small?

or my hopes just too high?

Mom, why is the world too big for me?


I’m confused, Mom.

Isn’t it that dreams are suppose to make human better?

But tell me why I’ve seen people being destroyed by their very own dreams?


I’m hurt, Mom.

With the kind love I loved and gave freely.

Because I trusted it’ll be a love like yours.


I’m afraid, Mom.

That I’ve ran out of bravery.

Coz I haven’t carefully chosen the battle I’m supposed to fight.


I’m sad, Mom.

I can’t hide the sadness.

When all you ever ask is my happiness.


Im lost, Mom.

Lost somewhere between my dreams and reality.

Pray, tell me, is the world just too big for me?